This privacy notice describes how and why we (Fachstelle PHIS, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern, Bremgartenstrasse 109A, CH-3012 Bern) collect, store, use and/or share data when the PHIS web or mobile application (app) is used.


Future app users (veterinarians) provide the «Fachstelle PHIS» information about their veterinary practice and their staff. This includes name, address, phone number and email address of the practice, and names, phone numbers and email addresses of the veterinary staff. This information is used by the «Fachstelle PHIS» to set up accounts that are necessary to access the app. Furthermore, the information about the practice and the name of the responsible veterinarian will be part of each generated examination report. The veterinarians’ email addresses are used if the veterinarians decide to send a copy of the generated reports to themselves. The «Fachstelle PHIS» may use any contact data to contact a practice or individual veterinarians in case of any queries or for assistance.

The app requests location permissions. The location of the user is used to help selecting the correct farm as the map shows the farms in the immediate vicinity and the list displays the farms sorted by distance to the user’s position. This information is not stored.

The veterinarians add personal information about their clients (farmers) including TVD numbers (farm-individual identifier in the national Animal Movement Database), names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. This data is used to identify and localise the farms. The location is needed to provide the users with a list and a map including the farms next to them in order to allow them to select the correct farm quickly and easily. Furthermore, the location is important in connection with the analyses of the data. The email address is used to send reports including all data newly recorded by the users to the responsible farmer. Personal information about clients is shared between all staff members of a veterinary practice having a PHIS account assigned to this practice. They all can edit it.

The veterinarians use the app to document the findings of their examinations and to fill in submission forms for further lab examinations. The documentation can also include photos and videos. All the information is related to animal health and herd management. The veterinarians decide case-related about content and extent of the documentation.

To ensure the exchange of information within the veterinary staff of a practice, all reports, photos and videos are shared between the staff members having a PHIS account assigned to this practice. However, temporarily stored data can only be edited by the person who recorded it.

Information included in submission forms (personal information about veterinarian and farmer, and information about animal health and herd management) will be shared with the lab staff responsible for the corresponding lab examination.

If the farmers want to benefit from examinations co-financed by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO), personal data of veterinarians and farmers as well as health information will be shared with the FSVO.

The veterinarians can send reports to any recipients by email. Veterinarians are responsible for ensuring that reports are sent only to authorised persons. This process is not controlled by the system.

The data about animal health is analysed continuously for any local or temporal accumulation in order to detect any shift in animal health as early as possible. The results of these analyses will be published, e.g. in newsletters, and displayed in a publicly available dashboard.

We may share aggregated and/or anonymised data on animal health and herd management with the Vetsuisse faculties, Universities of Bern and Zurich, for research purposes. Research results may be published.

We will not publish any personal information or any data that would allow a conclusion to be drawn about specific persons or animal populations.

We do not process sensitive personal information.

All mentioned data is stored on a server in Switzerland. The data is protected against improper access and unauthorized processing by appropriate technical and organizational measures. Access to the entirety of the data is granted to the «Fachstelle PHIS» and its subcontractors.

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. The current version published on this website ( applies.


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